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  • HONG Hyunik

    Chancellor, Korea National Diplomatic Academy
    Republic of Korea

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    HONG Hyunik

    Chancellor, Korea National Diplomatic Academy
    Republic of Korea

    Dr. Hyunik HONG is Chancellor of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy. He received a Ph.D. in International Politics at the University of Paris I (Pantheon Sorbonne), after graduating from Seoul National University with a BA and MA in international relations.

    He is a member of Policy Advisory Committee to Presidential Office of National Security, Policy Advisory Committee to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Commission of Inter-Korean Development to Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business and Commission of Inter-Korean Development to KB Financial Group. He was a member of the Presidential Commission on Policy Planning, a vice-president of the Korean Political Science Association, a policy adviser in the Secretariat of the National Security Council (Presidential Office), a vice minister level member of the National Commission of Inter-Korean Development presided by the Minister of Unification, a policy Adviser of the National Intelligence Service, an executive secretary of Standing Committee on International Affairs of the presidential National Unification Advisory Council, director and Senior Research Fellow of Department of Security Strategy Studies in Sejong Institute, and visiting research fellow to Duke University, U.S.A.

    He wrote A Study on North Korea’s international behavior : nuclear provocation or Negotiation(2018), Great Korea's Grand Design for the 21st Century: A rational and Pragmatic Strategy for Solving the North Korea Problem, Building Peace and Achieving Reunification(2012), and North Korea Policy and Policy options to promote international cooperation for the purpose of achieving peaceful reunification : Lessons of Germany and Yemen(2015), Foreign security policy of Ukraine and Poland: lessons for the reunification of Korea(2015), USA’s normalization of diplomatic relations with hostile countries : Cases of China, Vietnam, Libya, Myanmar and lessons on the normalization of diplomatic relations between USA and North Korea(2014). He also wrote several scholarly articles in Korean.