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Day 1. November 25 (Thu.): DMZ Site Visit

Day 2. November 26 (Fri.): International Forum and Parallel Sessions

Parallel Session 3


Date & Time November 26 (Fri.), 14:00-16:00 Location Ruby 1 (B1), Sono Calm Del Pino
Organizer Research Institute for Gangwon
Theme Strategies for the Early Establishment of the Gangwon Peace Special Self-Governing Province
  • Gangwon-do has made many sacrifices for the development and security of the Republic of Korea under the 75-year Cold War system. and yet, the marginalization and disadvantages of the region are deepening due to the locational limitations and security instability.
  • Gangwon-do proposed the establishment of the Gangwon Peace Special Self-Governing Province in order to play a central role in leading the peace agenda on the Korean peninsula and to find a turning point to reverse Gangwon-do's regional economic development, which was lagged behind by the division and conflict between the two Koreas.
  • In this session, participants will discuss the necessity, justification, and concrete implementation plan of the Gangwon Peace Special Self-Governing Province to be reborn as a pilot zone of the northern economy and unification where peace and economy are in a virtuous cycle.
  • Considering the comprehensiveness of the theme, this session will be organized by experts in various fields such as development, self-government, international situation, inter-Korean exchange, and border regional development to find ways to realize it.


Time Program
14:00-16:00 (120’) Moderator
AHN Donggyu
Professor, Department of Finance, Hallym University,
Chairman, Gangwondo Autonomy Decentralization Committee
GEUM Chang Ho
Senior Research Fellow, Local Autonomy and Decentralization System,
Korea Research Institute for Local Administration
Former Manager of Legislative Support Team, Department of Policy and Legislation, Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Council, Republic of Korea
KIM Ju Won
Professor, Department of Social Economy, Sangji University, Republic of Korea
YOON Young-Geun
Associate Research Fellow, Disasters, Safety, and Social Integration Research, Korea Institute of Public Administration, Republic of Korea
SONG Young Hoon
Professor, Department of Political Science, Kangwon National University, Republic of Korea
NA Yongwoo
Research Fellow, Humanitarianism and Cooperation Research Division, Korea Institute for National Unification, Republic of Korea
Research Fellow, Korean Peninsula & East Asia Research Center, Korea Reseach Institute for Human Settlements, Republic of Korea